Ramat Migron arrestees released

Friday, April 20, 14:12 The two Ramat Migron residents arrested yesterday during clashes with left-wing activists have been released to a two-day house arrest, Honenu reports.
Yesterday Arabs accompanied by left-wing activists arrived to plow fields close to the Ramat Migron outpost. Following clashes which developed between them and residents of Ramat Migron seven youths from the outpost were detained on suspicion of violating a closed military zone and assault. Five youths were released outside of the area of the outpost whereas the two other youths were arrested and taken to the Sha’ar Binyamin Police Station.
In a deliberation which took place this morning (Friday) at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court a representative of the police requested a three-day remand extension on the two arrestees. According to the police the two are suspected of violating a closed military zone and also a complaint was filed against them on suspicion of throwing rocks. After discussion the police representative admitted that the closed military zone warrant had expired two days previously, however he held a new warrant dated from today which orders that the area of the outpost be retroactively classified a closed military zone. Honenu attorney Naftali Wertzberger represented the arrestees.
Judge Miriam Lifschitz-Prives found it difficult to accept the central claim of the police concerning the closed military zone and ruled that there is no need to keep the youths in remand on that account. Concerning the mutual claims of those involved in the clash, the police can continue to investigate even if the suspects are not kept in remand.
The judge ruled that the two youths be released to a two-day house arrest and be under a restraining order banning them from entering the outpost for a period of 30 days.

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