Clashes and arrests in Ramat Migron

Thursday, April 19, 18:48 Two youths from the Ramat Migron outpost in Binyamin were arrested and taken to the Sha’ar Binyamin Police Station following clashes with a group of anarchists and Arabs who came to plow a field in the area of the outpost.
Honenu reports that this morning a group of Arabs from the village of Mukhmus accompanied by left-wing activists from Israel and abroad arrived to plow land in the Ramat Migron outpost. Border police and army forces guarded the group.
After members of the group approached the residential area of the outpost several residents of the outpost decided to sit close to the area being plowed in order to convey a presence and to monitor the actions of the group plowing. At some point a verbal clash developed between one of the left-wing activists, apparently a US resident, and one of the youths from the outpost. At some point during the argument the American started to push the youth, according to the other youths.
After the youth’s friends tried to distance the American, border police forces arrived on the scene and asked the youths to leave being as the land is private Arab land. The youths refused to leave because according to them no warrant was presented authorizing the policemen’s statement, as is required by law.
Later IDF forces arrived and also demanded that the youths leave, claiming that the area is a closed military zone under orders from the brigade commander. Also this time no authorizing warrant was presented. According to the youths, their question of why the Arabs and the left-wingers plowing were allowed to be in a closed military zone, and why they were forbidden, was not granted a reply by the soldiers.
In the end seven youths were detained by border policemen following a claim by the Arabs and the left-wing activists that they threw rocks at them and set a field on fire. Five of the youths were released at the scene. Two were arrested and taken to the Sha’ar Binyamin Police Station. The arrestees are suspected of throwing rocks and disturbing a policeman in the line of duty. A Honenu attorney is handling their case.
In a similar incident approximately one month ago a youth from the Ramat Migron outpost was assaulted by Arabs from the village of Mukhmus after they claimed that he had slaughtered one of their goats. The youth, who required medical treatment including stitches to his head, was arrested, interrogated and only two hours after the interrogation ended was evacuated to hospital. Despite the youth’s injury and his subsequent complaint, none of his assailants were either arrested or detained for interrogation.

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