Another detention and release following recent incidents in Yitzhar

Sunday, April 20, 18:05 On the morning of Sunday, April 20 another youth was detained on suspicion of participating approximately two weeks ago in the destruction of an army tent in Yitzhar after the Israeli Civil Administration destroyed houses in response to the incident in which the tires of Shomron Brigade Commander Yoav Yarom’s Jeep were punctured in Yitzhar.
The youth denied all charges. The police insisted on bringing him before a judge in order to request a remand extension of several days. Jerusalem Magistrate Court Judge Eitan Kornhauser rejected the request and released the youth on condition of agreeing to appear for interrogation if requested.
Attorney Erez Bar Tzvi represented the youth on behalf on Honenu.
For more information on other detainees released – thanks to Honenu’s work – following recent incidents in Yitzhar click here.

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