After five court deliberations, thanks to Honenu’s work only two detainees from recent incidents in Yitzhar remain in remand

Friday, April 11, 18:07 Honenu’s response to the courts’ rulings: “The court decisions have proven again that the police are quick to detain innocent people only because of their place of residence and because of the public pressure which developed after the recent events in Yitzhar were blown out of proportion by public figures and the media.”
On Friday, April 11, one after the other, judges in the Jerusalem Magistrate and District Courts in five separate deliberations released detainee after detainee; Honenu attorney Adi Kedar represented all of the detainees.
On the morning of Friday, April 11 a deliberation took place at the Jerusalem District Court on an appeal filed the previous day by Honenu attorney Aharon Roza for the release of the detainees detained following the incidents in Yitzhar over the previous few days. At the deliberation Honenu attorney Adi Kedar represented the detainees. Jerusalem District Court Judge Raphael Jacoby accepted the appeal and ordered the release of three of the detainees on condition of a restraining order banning them from entering Yitzhar. Two other detainees were released on the previous day. The court reduced the remand of the remaining two detainees by one day.
An additional detainee was released by the Jerusalem Magistrate Court. The police filed an appeal which was rejected by the Jerusalem District Court.
Afterwards the Jerusalem Magistrate Court ordered the immediate unconditional release of another detainee from the Yitzhar incidents.
Honenu is pleased with the series of successes and emphasizes that, “Once again the Israeli Police has proven to have time after time hassled innocent people only for being residents of Yitzhar. The Israeli Police are taking out their frustrations concerning the recent incidents in Yitzhar with showcase detentions which the media eagerly publicize. However the same police ‘forget’ to mention when their representatives are rebuffed by judges who rule over and over again on the baseless detentions and the harassment of settlers. We call on the police representatives to come to the correct conclusions from this past day.”

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