Police requested remand extension, Jerusalem Magistrate Court ordered minor released to house arrest

Monday, April 7, 20:59 Late at night on Sunday, April 6 a sixteen year old youth was detained on suspicion of puncturing the tires of Shomron Brigade Commander’s Jeep earlier that day in Yitzhar.
On Monday, April 7 following a request by Honenu attorneys Barak Friedman and Noam Lieberman, who are representing the minor, Jerusalem Magistrate Court Judge Mordechai Kaduri ordered the Israeli Police to release him to house arrest, despite the police request for a seven day remand extension. Judge Kaduri ordered the minor released to house arrest at his parents’ home in Jerusalem for only five days. Also although a deliberation was scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, April 8, following the police request to appeal the decision in the district court, according to the decision of Jerusalem District Court Judge Raphael Jacoby the release of the minor will proceed this evening (April 7) with no delay.
In his decision Judge Kaduri leveled strong criticism at the police for detaining the minor after midnight even though they had a warrant permitting them to detain him earlier. The lateness of the hour prevented him from meeting with an attorney until the following afternoon.
Judge Kaduri also stated in his decision that, “During the long hours that have passed since the detention the suspicion against the defendant has not intensified. My conclusion is that the suspicion has actually weakened.”
Honenu attorney Barak Friedman responded to the ruling: “After examining the evidence and hearing the claims by the defense, the Jerusalem Magistrate Court ruled unequivocally that the evidence not only does not constitute cause for remand but also ruled that the evidence had weakened in the time that had passed. The Court therefore ordered the minor released to a five day house arrest.”

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