Appeal rejected on remand of fifth minor

Sunday, January 13, 2019, 11:59 On the morning of Sunday, January 13, at a deliberation at the Central District Court in Lod, the court rejected the appeal filed by Honenu on the remand extension of the fifth and last minor from Rechalim being held by the GSS. On Friday the deliberation was postponed due to the refusal of the GSS to bring the minor to court.
Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar leveled criticism at the decision: “Several minutes ago the [Central] District Court rejected the appeal that we had filed. We are of the opinion that this is an error. I think that the facts are very clear. This has been an attempt to create a very dangerous precedent by taking advantage of a minor, the appellant, only because this is a serious case prominent in the media.
“In legal terms, there is no justification for the remand. He has been sitting there for a week and has not been interrogated. There are no proceedings that he can disrupt. Just because the State is looking far and wide for any scrap of evidence or for any expert who will sign something and they have not succeeded in finding anything, he should not be waiting in remand.”
Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar added, “We will, of course, consider the possibility of appealing again to the Supreme Court, which has already shown an interest in the condition of the minor. It could very well be that they will intervene and put an end to this prolonged and superfluous remand.”
During the deliberation, outside of the Central District Court, a sixteen-year old minor was detained during a demonstration protesting the remand of the minor from Rechalim. The minor was taken to the police station, where Honenu Attorney Nati Rom provided him with legal counsel.
On Saturday night, after Shabbat, approximately 100 supporters came to an event opposite the GSS detention facility in Petah Tikva to boost the morale of the detained minor from Rechalim. They played music, danced, and protested his remand.

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