The fifth minor will not be released before Shabbat

Friday, January 11, 2019, 13:36 The GSS and the police have refused to bring the last of the five minors from the yeshiva in Rechalim who were detained by the GSS to a deliberation scheduled for today (Friday) at the Central District Court. In light of this the court postponed the deliberation on the appeal and moved it back to its original date, Sunday, January 13, in the morning.
The father of the minor spoke at the entrance to the courthouse: “We are fed up with being fourth-rate citizens. The GSS is killing our son from one day to the next. They are trying not to bring him to court. They think that they are above the law.
“We turn to the Prime Minister and the other ministers. This is an overthrow of the government. The GSS is trampling the law. The biggest criminals are brought to court for deliberations and my son is not. We will increase the struggle and will not submit to this cruelty.”

Father of minor speaking outside of courthouse; Free use
The parents have authorized distribution of the video clip without obscuring their faces.
Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar stated that, “The court is allowing violation of the law and of the rights of a minor. A dangerous precedent has been set by the GSS and the police, with whom the Prison Service and the court have joined. The system is pitiable and must be rectified from the foundations.”
Earlier today a deliberation took place at the Supreme Court in Jerusalem at which Justice Stein instructed that it would be appropriate to hold the deliberation as soon as possible. The District Court did schedule a deliberation for today. However the refusal of the GSS to bring the minor to court resulted in the deliberation being postponed back to its original date.

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