GSS detained minors to be released

Thursday, January 10, 2019, 9:56 Four out of the five minors detained by the GSS are being released, some of them after undergoing severe interrogations for over a week, without meeting with an attorney.
Honenu Attorney Chai Haber: “As expected, the GSS has informed the court of their request to release all but one of the suspects. We are, of course, pleased by this. However we will demand an inquiry into how the GSS reached a situation in which innocent detainees were interrogated so harshly, in complete disregard for their pleas and those of their families and their attorneys. Once again the GSS has caused emotional damage to innocent youths.”
Attorney Itamar Ben Gvir: “From the first moment I claimed that the charge was not serious and from the moment that I saw the spins from the GSS and heard about the tendentious leaks, it was obvious that the detentions stemmed primarily from public relations considerations of the GSS. I do not understand how the Attorney General’s office authorized these detentions when it was obvious from the start that there was no substantial evidence linking the suspects, including my client, to involvement with the incident. My client underwent severe interrogations for 12 days, which caused him trauma. And now the question must be asked: Who will compensate him for his trauma? I expect the GSS interrogators to conduct a self-examination, and I estimate that all of the detainees in the case will be released within a short time.”
Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar added: “The police have requested the release of the youths suspected of murder and thus confirmed the claims we made from the first moment: They are all innocent and the direction of the investigation is completely erroneous. I expect the police and the GSS to apologize to the youths and their families, and to the rabbis.”

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