Approximately 15 youths detained last night on way to Shechem

Thursday, July 28 12:03 Approximately 15 young men and women were detained early this morning in the area of the Tapuah Junction in the Shomron.
The group attempted to enter Joseph’s Tomb during the authorized entry last night, however border policemen removed them from the bus that was on its way to Shechem, claiming that they would disturb the peace at the site.
Afterwards conflicts broke out between the large numbers of police forces stationed at the Tapuah Junction and the group of youths who attempted to pass the checkpoint set up at the junction.
The youths were loaded into police cars and “thrown out” at various junctions in the Shomron and Binyamin areas.
Additionally several young women were severely beaten as they prayed at Joseph’s Tomb when they refused to leave. Border policemen removed them violently from the site.
It should be noted that very large numbers of special police (Yassam), police and military forces were stationed at the Tapuah Junction from the beginning of the evening. The forces surrounded the parking lot at the junction with tall barbed-wire coils.
During the night checkpoints were set up throughout the area of Yehuda and Shomron. At Adam, the Oranit checkpoint, Wadi Haramiya, the Eli Junction, the Baytot Junction and other junctions police and soldiers stood and inspected passersby.
From approximately 12 o’clock at night the forces prevented anyone other than residents of the area from passing the Tapuah Junction being as the Gav HaHar area was declared a closed military zone.

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