Arab mob attack on Binyamin motorists


Monday, April 19, 2021, 23:24 Five Jewish youths were attacked by an Arab mob on their way to Beit El and forced to leave their car near an Arab village, where it was torched They miraculously escaped by fleeing on foot across a wadi to Route 60. When they reached the Binyamin Police Station they filed an official complaint.
Tzephaniya, one of the youths, described the incident in a video clip. Transcript of Tzephaniya’s complete description, translation by Honenu:
We, five guys, were driving to Beit El. We took a parallel road, a back road to Beit El. On the way we accidentally drove into a [Arab] village and because of Ramadan, there were a lot of guys out, Arabs who were furious. They noticed us, apparently. They started to gather around us. We got stuck in a traffic jam and then we somehow managed to escape. We continued on quickly.
We drove to get out of the village. Suddenly we noticed that there was an Arab car behind us chasing us. We tried to escape from him. He passed us and then we passed him. In short, he kept trying to pass us. We didn’t let him. He crossed into the opposite lane. There’s a traffic island in the middle. I guess he tried to [get ahead and] wait for us so that he could pass us later.
In the meantime we drove fast and at some point he cut into our lane and collided with us. We spun around, ‘did donuts’. We crashed into the car that had crashed into ours. Miraculously we realized that our car was totally smashed. The airbags opened. We immediately got out of the car, all five of us. Suddenly we noticed a lot of Arabs, children, women. The Arabs started to throw rocks at us.
They tried to murder us. Miraculously we managed to somehow escape from there. And then we continued. They threw rocks at us in the meantime. They started to run after us, shouting. They tried to murder us. Miraculously the road was parallel to Route 60. One of the guys realized that Route 60 was close, and there was a wadi on the way to the road, so he called out to all of the guys to run to it.
And we ran fast. We tumbled over the wadi. They kept throwing a lot of rocks at us. Somehow, miraculously, we reached Route 60 and called the police. All the guys waited together until they came. Thank G-d no one was injured. We were saved by a miracle, G-d’s mercy. And [by then] we were close to the police and gave testimony on the spot to the police and to the army. Now we’re here at the police station to file a complaint over the incident. We call on the police and the army to investigate the incident and by this evening to detain all of the criminals who tried to murder us and abuse us.

Tzephaniya speaking outside of the Binyamin Police Station

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