Man injured in Yaffo assault

Injured man; Photo credit: Courtesy of the photographer

Monday, April 19, 2021, 20:28 Arabs assaulted an approximately 70-year-old man as he drove to work with his son through Yaffo on Tuesday, April 13. He passed a truck and later was forced to stop because there were cars stopped in front of him. The truck stopped behind him. Two Arabs got out and then approached the man and his son.
The passenger side window, where the son was sitting was closed and the assailants did not succeed in injuring him. However the father’s window was open: “The big guy, without saying a word, started to punch my father in the face. My father tried to get out of his seat belt and fend off the guy, but he grabbed my father by the shirt and threw him to the ground,” said the son.
“In the meantime, the youth who was on my side saw that he couldn’t open my door. He ran to the other side to help the big guy beat my father. They went wild and hit insanely. They tore my father’s shirt, punched his face and chest, knocked him to the ground and kicked him.”
The son tried to separate the assailants from his father, but one of them ran back to the truck and returned with a screwdriver, with which he attempted to stab the father. However the son prevented him from doing so. The assailants turned to the son and threatened to murder his father if he didn’t move the car and allow the truck to pass and escape.
The son related that out of fear for his father’s life, he had no choice other than to move the car and added, “They shouted that they would still get us. As they drove off in the truck, they rammed our car and then escaped.”
The father suffered bruises on his face and body and a broken arm. They filed a complaint with the Yaffo Police and suspects were detained, but released the following day. The main suspect is under house arrest and one of the suspects has been indicted.
Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing the father and his son: “We thank the police for detaining the suspect. We regret that the court released the suspects. These individuals undoubtedly pose a danger to the public. They behaved violently in the middle of a city, and we would expect them to be in full custody. I call on the prosecution and the court to act with all possible means to penalize the suspects to the full extent of the law and to put them behind bars for the sake of public security.”

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