Arabs infiltrated farm, attacked farmer in Gush Etzion

Sunday, November 27, 2022, 9:48 Last week, Arab terrorists infiltrated a farm at night near the community of Meitzad in Gush Etzion, beat a Jew with clubs, and threatened to kill him if he remained at the site. The attackers also stole valuable property and destroyed expensive equipment. (Please click here for a similar incident in the Binyamin region in April 2022.)

Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing the victim, wrote a letter to the police demanding that they investigate the attack and involve the GSS in the investigation: “Slightly after one at night, my client woke up startled from shouts in Arabic and a strong flashlight blinding him. Three masked Arabs were standing over him, holding clubs and shouting at him in Arabic and Hebrew. My client tried to reach his cell phone but discovered to his horror that the attackers had stolen it and his glasses. One of the attackers threatened to kill my client, saying in Hebrew, ‘A Jew cannot be here. If you leave your bed, we’ll kill you. Tomorrow, if you are here, we will kill you,’ and so forth. Additionally, the Arabs beat my client’s legs and head.”

Bleicher detailed the attack: “My client felt that he was experiencing his last moments and that his life was passing before his eyes. The attackers left the building, threatening my client that if he left, they would kill him, and went on a spree of destruction and theft. In addition to my client’s glasses and cell phone, the terrorists attempted to steal the vehicle that was at the site, and when they did not succeed, they vandalized it. They stole three pairs of tefillin, expensive tools, equipment, and clothes. They also punctured the water tank and caused other damage. After my client heard that they had left, he carefully left the building, and when he saw that there was nobody there, he took his dog and ran to the neighboring farm.”

In conclusion, Bleicher demanded that the GSS be involved with the investigation so that the attackers could be apprehended as soon as possible: “This was an extremely serious incident of an infiltration of a private home, aggravated assault, a murder threat, theft, and damage to property. The motivation was racist and with the aim of imposing terror and fear on the Jewish residents of the site. In addition to physical pain, the feelings of fear and threat in an incident such as this are immeasurable. The fear of death was a traumatic experience for my client and is likely to leave a scar for his entire life. Miraculously, the incident did not end in murder. There is a significant concern that attackers who reached a man’s bed, as long as they are walking freely, are liable to return and attack again more violently. I demand serious attention to and consideration for this case, including the involvement of intelligence authorities and the GSS. The attackers must be detained and put on trial.”

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