DM’s parting gesture: Administrative order to Shomron youth

Tuesday, November 29, 2022, 9:58 Even in his final days in office, outgoing Defense Minister Benny Gantz continues to harass and persecute right-wing activists. A 19-year-old Shomron resident was detained several days ago, and the police requested a lengthy remand extension. However, the court extended his remand by only two days and intimated that he would be released today. This morning (Tuesday), DM Gantz decided to bypass the court and issued an administrative detention order to the detainee. This order follows an order issued to another Shomron resident approximately two weeks ago.

The detainee’s family stated in response, “This draconian order is part of the death throes of the outgoing government that set as a goal for itself the persecution of settlers and right-wing activists. We expect the right-wing government that is soon to be formed to cancel this administrative order on its first day and to stop chasing after settlers.

Honenu Attorneys Moshe Poleski and Adi Keidar, who are representing the youth, stated, “Again, we have encountered disgraceful conduct on the part of the law enforcement authorities. There is no evidence, not even for the most minor of criminal offenses, justifying detention. So they simply bypass the courts, bypass the judicial procedures of a democratic state, and issue an administrative order to a suspect against whom there is no evidence whatsoever. This conduct is reminiscent of dark regimes.”

Honenu: “DM Gantz is in an end-of-course mood, not showing restraint, and engaging in petty politics at the expense of youths. It is an embarrassment that administrative orders have turned into a political taunting tool for cynical use in the hands of politicians. Not only have many young men been harmed by administrative orders, but the State of Israel, the courts that are bypassed, and democracy itself are suffering.”

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