Ariel detainee released to house arrest

For links to additional items about the brutal attack and Honenu’s representation of the heroic Ariel resident who was detained when he reported to the Ariel Police Station to give testimony and file a complaint against the Arabs who threatened his life and that of the children who were with him, please click here.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022, 14:51 Today (Tuesday), the Deputy President of the Ashkelon Magistrates Court, Judge Yaniv Boker, ordered the release of the Ariel detainee to eight days of house arrest. The police had requested significantly more: two weeks. In anticipation of the release, Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar, who is representing the detainee, stated, “The first and most difficult part of the battle to prove his innocence is over. However, we will not be silent, and we will not stop our efforts until the truth is proven: The rioting Arabs were responsible for the entire incident, from the start to the finish. We hope that at the next stage his complete innocence will be proven and that the case will be closed due to lack of guilt.”

After Judge Boker made his decision, Keidar spoke again: “Several minutes ago, the court ordered the release of the detainee. We hope that this is the beginning of the collapse of the case. The incident was entirely initiated by Arab rioters, who turned out to be terrorists. The detainee and others were forced to protect themselves. The incident was a classic case of self-defense. I hope that the office of the State Attorney will come to their senses, make the right decision, and close this case as soon as possible.”

The Shomron Regional Council head, Yossi Degan, welcomed the release of the Ariel detainee: “From the beginning, he should not have been detained, and certainly not for GSS interrogations under the conditions that terrorists receive. His release under restrictive conditions is the first step to correcting the injustice to a man who defended his life and the lives of almost 20 children who were attacked by a mob of terrorists. This unnecessary case should be closed.”

Honenu also asserted from the start that the Ariel detainee and the group of children with him were brutally attacked and that the detainee acted in self-defense. Honenu Attorneys Adi Keidar and Daniel Shimshilashvili are representing the detainee and the group of children. The attack occurred on June 21, as the group went for a walk just outside of Ariel. Dozens of rioting Arabs armed with clubs, knives, and axes from the nearby village of Iskaka approached the group, threatened them, and threw rocks at them.

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