Police close Ra’anana mob attack case

Wednesday, July 6, 2022, 15:14 Slightly over six months ago, a mob of Arab workers attacked two Jewish workers on a construction site in Ra’anana. Shortly after the attack, Honenu demanded that the police transfer the case to the GSS due to the nationalistic motive of the attackers. They did not, and although a mob had attacked two victims, the police classified the incident as an altercation. Knesset Member Orit Struk expressed her disagreement and posed a parliamentary question concerning the investigation of the attack.

Now, the police have closed the investigative case. An announcement about the closing was sent to Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing the victims, after he sent a request for clarification of the case’s status to the Kfar Saba Police Station. Honenu was surprised by the decision and claims that the police are being negligent.

The police wrote in their decision that the case has been closed due to insufficient evidence against everyone involved with the incident. The police claim that they simultaneously closed an investigative case against one of the Jews who was injured in the attack, because there is no evidence against him either. Shortly after the attack, both victims were interrogated under warning and placed under house arrest. Honenu has requested the evidence and is considering appealing the closing.

Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher: “Closing this investigative case reinforces what we warned about from the first moment with regard to the negligent investigation of such a serious incident. The entrance of every worker who enters the construction site is recorded. It is unacceptable that my clients suffered a murder attempt by a mob of dozens of Arab workers and not one of them has been brought to justice. We have requested the evidence and we will consider appealing the decision or any other step that will achieve justice. Time is passing quickly, and it is difficult to arrive at results after so much time has been lost by negligent investigation.”

The attack occurred in December 2021. Two Jewish workers entered a construction site in Ra’anana. When they took the elevator, they were attacked inside by three Arab workers and the Arab elevator operator. When they got out, a mob of workers started to gather around them from throughout the site. Some of the workers held tools and pieces of metal, anything they could grab. The Jewish workers called out to an Arab site manager for help, but he joined the mob. Dozens of Arab workers beat the victims with whatever objects they were holding. Then the victims’ work manager arrived and threatened the attackers with his pistol, stopping the attack.

The injured victims were evacuated to the hospital. One of them was released after several hours and immediately went to the K’far Saba Police Station to file a complaint. He was surprised when the interrogations officer ordered him to be interrogated under warning, and then placed him under five days of house arrest.

The other victim was hospitalized overnight and then released from the hospital to recuperate at home. Due to the severity of his injuries, he was readmitted to the hospital. When he went to the Kfar Saba Police Station to file a complaint, he was also interrogated under warning, and then placed under five days of house arrest.

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