Arrested Yitzhar resident released at Petah Tikva court

Friday, February 10, 14:21 Honenu reports that at a deliberation which ended now at the Petah Tikva Magistrate Court a yeshvia student, a resident of Yitzhar who was arrested last night during the incident on Givat Ronen, near Har Bracha, was released.
Yesterday evening terrorists infiltrated the Givat Ronen (Seneh Ya’akov) hilltop near the community of Har Bracha. The terrorists attempted to injure residents of one of the houses and when they were detected fled to the nearby village of Arak Burin. According to residents of Givat Ronen the army did not do enough in order to capture the terrorists.
Following the incident several protests were organized in the nearby Jewish communities. During a protest at the entrance to the community of Yitzhar one of the protesters was arrested on a claim that there is an arrest warrant outstanding on him for not appearing at court deliberations on a difference matter.
The young man was released on bail and agreed to appear in court for the deliberations on his case.

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