Remand extension of Tapuah suspects in “price tag” incident

Friday, February 10, 13:56 The deliberation at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court on the young women from Tapuah suspected of spraying graffiti in the village of Luban Al-Sharqiya has ended. (See here) There is an additional suspect in the case, a young man who is a soldier in the Golani Brigade.
According to the police the young man drove the two young women in his vehicle and they stopped at the village of Luban Al-Sharqiya, where one of the women got out, punctured a few sand bags and also sprayed as graffiti, “revenge”.
After assurance by the interrogators that if he cooperated with them he would be allowed to return to his IDF unit, the young man admitted that he had driven the young women, but had not participated in the act. Honenu attorney Naftali Wertzberger represented the young man.
The police demanded a six-day remand for the suspects.
Judge Malka Aviv decided to extend the remand of the young women by four days, until Tuesday. Following that the young man and his attorney agreed to a remand extension until Monday.
The young women were represented by attorney Ariel Atari, who has been hired by Honenu.

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