Attacked Beit Orot couple sue additional assailant

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Monday, March 20, 2023, 12:12 Avia and Shahar Anteman, were brutally attacked in Beit HaHoshen, overlooking the Temple Mount, immediately after their engagement in May 2021. They are suing one of the terrorists convicted in the case for NIS 1,950,000. Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher filed the suit on their behalf at the Jerusalem Magistrates Court. The terrorist was convicted in June 2022. He received a 27-month active prison sentence and a suspended sentence, and was ordered to pay 8,000 NIS in compensation.

In February, Attorney Bleicher filed a similar suit on the Antemans’ behalf against Nawaf Abu al-Hawe and Rami Salah al-Din, who were convicted of the attack and were sentenced to six- and nine-year terms of imprisonment, respectively. The Antemans are expected to sue two other terrorists, Omar Jabar and Yusef Jabar, who were also convicted in the same case and sentenced to six- and nine-year terms of imprisonment, respectively.

In the suit, Attorney Bleicher detailed the damage caused to the injured couple and their pain and suffering, primarily emotional, which they still experience to this day. They have asked the court to award them compensation and punitive damages, because of the racist-nationalist motives of the terrorists.

In May 2021, Avia proposed to Shahar in Beit HaHoshen, and then they headed toward Beit Orot. On their way, their car was blocked by other cars. At the A-Tor Intersection, dozens of Arab rioters threw rocks at them. Avia got out of the car and was beaten, pelted with rocks, and then stabbed in the back. Shahar escaped on foot and hid behind a parked car until the police arrived. The couple met up again in Beit Orot. Avia was evacuated, injured and bleeding, to Sha’arei Tzedek Hospital. He suffered a head injury, stab wounds to his back, and a punctured lung. Because of prolonged hospitalization and outpatient treatments, the couple postponed their engagement party.

After he filed the statement of claim, Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher stated, “We will make every effort to sue every terrorist who injures a Jew so that they will be forced to pay a high price for their acts. We hope that our work will contribute to the war on incessant Islamic terror.”

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