Court rejected appeal by terrorist who murdered Avraham Hasno, Hy”d

Wednesday, March 22, 2023, 8:15 Yesterday, (Tuesday) the Military Court of Appeals left standing the conviction and the life sentence of Sahban Wael Mahmoud al-Titi and rejected his appeal. Al-Titi murdered Avraham Hasno, Hy”d, by running him over with his truck near Hevron in October 2015. In July 2020, the Military Court in Yehuda sentenced Sahban al-Titi to life imprisonment. During the hearing at the time, members of Hasno’s family shouted at the terrorist and his family, and were brutally removed from the courtroom by Prison Service personnel. Hasno’s widow, Ruthi, fainted during the disturbance in the courtroom and was treated at the scene.

Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing the Hasno family, stated, “It has been a long and exhausting process to bring justice on behalf of Avraham Hasno and to convict the despicable terrorist for his act of murder. We are satisfied with the initial ruling by the Military Court in Yehuda, Judge Tzvi Heilbronn presiding, and the ruling by the Military Court of Appeals, Judge Yair Tirosh presiding. They unequivocally ruled that the contemptible terrorist carried out a horrific murder by running over Avraham with his truck and dragging him under the wheels for over 30 meters. This ruling sends an important message that when terrorists take advantage of opportunities to injure and murder Jews, they will in turn be severely penalized.”

Approximately seven and a half years ago, Avraham Hasno, Hy”d, was murdered in the Southern Har Hevron region. Hasno was attacked with a barrage of rocks near the al-Fawwar Junction. When he exited his car to examine the damage and attempt to chase away the attackers, he was run over by a truck driven by al-Titi, who then fled the scene. Al-Titi was initially charged only with manslaughter, however after a determined protest by the Hasno family, the Military Court in Yehuda convicted the terrorist of intentionally causing death, the equivalent in a military court to murder.

The Military Court in Yehuda set a precedent by accepting the calculation of damages that was submitted by Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher. In addition to a life sentence for the terrorist the court awarded damages of 1,800,000 NIS in compensation to the Hasno family.

Avraham’s daughter, Leah, had previously written a personal letter in 2020 about how the family has been handling their loss: “What does one feel when the earth falls out from under one’s feet, when one’s family collapses into fragments of pain, of uncertainty.” Leah described how her mother, Ruthi Hasno, has been forced to cope as a widow with seven children and thirteen grandchildren and added: “The pain still shatters my heart when I see my son (Pe’er Avraham Hasno) asleep with a photograph of his grandfather, four and half years later. His entire way and being were love and kindness. We haven’t started to hate; that destroys one’s soul. No hate will fill our hearts.”

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