Attacked hikers accused of assault to be released

Thursday, August 1, 12:03 After the five Jewish hikers detained on suspicion of assault after they were attacked on Wednesday, July 31 in Wadi Zarqa near Neve Tzuf in the Binyamin region spent one night in remand the Binyamin Police decided to release them.
A group of Arabs threw large rocks at the hikers as they sat at a spring in the area of Wadi Zarqa and also at the security personnel from nearby Jewish communities who came to the assistance of the hikers. The Arabs complained that they had been attacked by the Jewish hikers, the Binyamin Police accepted their version of the incident and detained the hikers. None of the Arab attackers were detained or interrogated. One member of the security personnel was detained on suspicion of firing his weapon in the air and will be brought to court. Honenu attorney Ariel Atari will represent him.

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