Attempted lynch victim detained

Sunday, February 5, 2017, 19:50 A Shilo resident was assaulted on the afternoon of Sunday, February 5, by Arabs in the agricultural area of Shilo. The resident, an agriculturalist, was in the agricultural area adjacent to the residential area of Shilo, when he noticed a vehicle with four Arab passengers approaching Shilo. He approached the vehicle in order to examine the situation. The Arabs responded by getting out of their vehicle and assaulting the agriculturalist with metal rods and rocks.
The agriculturalist was injured and discerning an immediate danger to his life, summoned the security forces. He also drew his personal weapon, which caused the rioters to retreat, saving his life. The security forces who arrived at the scene detained the rioters, and to the surprise of the agriculturalist, also him.
Honenu Attorney Nati Rom arrived at the police station in order to provide legal counsel: “An agriculturalist was assaulted by terrorists with metal rods and rocks. Instead of receiving medical treatment, he found himself detained along with his assailants. This is absurd. It should not be that when a man is saved from an attempted lynch he finds himself under interrogation. He acted as the situation required, according to law.”

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