Avraham Yered to be released to administrative restrictions

Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 16:21 The security forces continue to persecute Yehuda and Shomron residents. Avraham Yered, who has been in administrative detention since November 2022, is expected to be released tomorrow (Thursday). This week, the security forces informed him that after his release, he would be placed under administrative restrictions. The new order has not yet been signed, but he was told that the conditions would include a ban from entering Yehuda and Shomron and a prohibition on contacting certain individuals. Yered was supposed to get married recently, but because Defense Minister Yoav Gallant extended his remand, the wedding was postponed and the couple was forced to pay tens of thousands of shekels to the owners of their wedding hall.

Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar, who is representing Yered, leveled sharp criticism at the security forces: “There is an unshakeable feeling that my client is being persecuted and that his life is being intentionally and unjustifiably disrupted. He has not been charged with any infraction of the law, and therefore he has no means of legal recourse. We call on the security authorities to reconsider canceling the restrictions.”

Shomon resident Avraham Yered has been under administrative detention since November 2022. Outgoing Defense Minister Benny Gantz signed the first order, and four months ago Defense Minister Yoav Gallant signed an order extending the detention. Approximately one week ago, Yered was supposed to be released, however, Defense Minister Gallant extended the order by three months. Honenu appealed to the Central District Court and Judge Ya’akov Spasser shortened the detention by one month.

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