Bar-Kapara’s family to fight until truth comes to light

Thursday, July 16, 2015, 12:54 Approximately one month ago, on June 24, David Bar-Kapara, Hy”d, was found severely beaten in a vineyard between Carmei Yosef and Pedaya in the central region of Israel. He was evacuated to hospital by paramedics and succumbed to his wounds a short time later. His family is furious that the police are claiming that the motive is criminal and not nationalistic. The two murderers have been apprehended.
“The GSS itself officially admitted that they [the murderers] are two terrorists from the area of Ramallah, therefore the claim by the police is inexplicable to us,” stated the family in a publicized announcement. “The ease with which it was determined that [the murder] was a robbery gone wrong, solely on the basis of statements by the terrorists who had enough time to coordinate testimonies and receive advice as to how to come out with a lighter penalty, indicates that the investigation was extremely problematic. Dad was a simple agriculturalist who owned a vineyard and worked for a living. He didn’t have disagreements with anyone, or debts.”
Bar-Kapara’s family mentioned that nothing had been stolen from him despite the fact that he had cash money and a van at the scene. “Not a thing was stolen from Dad. The money he had with him was not stolen and was returned to us by the police. His vehicle – a van worth about 100,000 NIS was not taken. Cartons of grapes ready to be marketed and a tractor with a sprayer – everything was left at the site of the murder. All of the circumstances point to a nationalistic motive and not to a criminal robbery. We, his family, will not give up. Our father’s blood cries out. We will fight until justice and the truth come to light and the terrorists receive their penalty.”
Honenu attorney Adi Kedar, who is representing the family, stated that, “We are astounded at the hasty conclusion by the police and the Attorney General’s office that the motive was criminal when all of the signs lead to the conclusion that it was a nationalistically motivated murder. David Bar-Kapara was ‘the salt of the earth’, an agriculturalist who loved the Land and her soil and who was brutally murdered.”

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