Bar-Kapara’s family to hold protest

Sunday, July 19, 2015, 11:38 The family of David Bar-Kapara, Hy”d, will hold a protest on Sunday, July 19 at 18:00 opposite the Prime Minister’s office on 3 Kaplan Street in Jerusalem.
Bar-Kapara’s family will call on the Prime Minister and the Knesset ministers to instruct the Attorney General’s office to file an indictment against the murderers, charging them with nationalistically motivated murder, and not a criminal act. According to the circumstances of the murder, the family reasons that the motive was nationalistic, not criminal: “Not a thing was stolen from Dad. The money he had with him was not stolen and was returned to us by the police. His vehicle – a van worth about 100,000 NIS was not taken. Cartons of grapes ready to be marketed and a tractor with a sprayer – everything was left at the site of the murder. All of the circumstances point to a nationalistic motive and not to a criminal robbery.”
David Bar-Kapara’s son, Daniel, stated that, “We are of the opinion that the incident was very far from being a robbery gone wrong. This is a nationalistically motivated murder. Dad was murdered by terrorists whom the GSS has defined as terror activists, who brutally beat him dozens of times with a stick. A robbery doesn’t look like that. We owe this final honor to Dad. We will not give up until justice comes to light.”

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