Bat Ayin arrestee suspected of rock throwing released

Tuesday, February 21, 11:36 Honenu reports that the police released A’, the youth arrested in Bat Ayin whose arm was broken by soldiers in the course of the arrest. According to the soldiers who were patrolling the community, A’ was suspected of throwing rocks at a bus driven by an Arab who entered the community of Bat Ayin.
To reiterate, yesterday (Monday) evening a bus driven by an Arab entered the community of Bat Ayin. Residents asked the driver to leave and he refused. The driver claims that in response several rocks were thrown at him. See here.
Soldiers patrolling the community claimed that they heard several youths discussing rock-throwing. The soldiers arrested one of the youths who, they claim, was involved with the incident. In the course of the violent arrest the soldiers broke the youth’s arm.
The youth was taken to the Gush Etzion Police Station where he was interrogated on suspicion of involvement with the incident. After a prolonged interrogation the youth was evacuated to the Hadassa Mount Scopus hospital. After receiving medical care the youth was brought to the Russian Compound detention center, where he remained in remand overnight.
This morning the police informed Honenu attorney Naftali Wertzberger, who is representing the arrestee, that the youth will be released without a deliberation in court and will be under house arrest for five days.
Honenu reports that the release of the youth without being brought before a judge begs an explanation. The violent arrest, the weak testimony and the rapid release indicate that the authorities are too quick to arrest Jewish youths and keep them in custody.

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