Violent arrest in Bat Ayin

Monday, February 20, 22:52 Violent arrest in Bat Ayin
This evening (Monday) IDF soldiers arrested a youth in the Bat Ayin community of Gush Etzion. During the arrest the soldiers conducted themselves violently and broke the youth’s arm. According to the soldiers they heard that the youth was involved with an incident of rock-throwing at a bus driven by an Arab which entered the community.
During the evening (Monday) a bus driven by an Arab entered Bat Ayin. The driver was asked by several residents of the community to leave, and refused their request. According to the driver several rocks were thrown at the bus in response.
Residents of Bat Ayin told Honenu that a short time after the incident soldiers who were patrolling the community claimed that they heard a group of youths talking about the rock throwing. According to the soldiers they understood that one of the youths was involved with incident. In response the soldiers arrested the youth, violently, and in the process broke his arm.
Police forces who arrived on the scene took the youth to the Gush Etzion Police Station where he was interrogated about his involvement with the incident. After several delays by the police the youth was allowed to speak to Honenu attorney Adi Kedar.
During interrogation the youth denied all charges. Only after a prolonged interrogation was the youth evacuated by the police to receive medical treatment at the Hadassa Mount Scopus hospital.
Honenu reports that the police interrogators informed Adi Kedar, who is handling the matter, that after receiving medical treatment the youth will be transferred to the Russian Compound detention center, where he will remain in remand for the night. In the morning he will be brought to the Jerusalem Magistrate Court for a deliberation.

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