Beit Hanina attackers detained and released the same day

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Tuesday, October 25, 2022, 8:54 Recently, Arabs attacked Jews driving through Jerusalem near the Beit Hanina neighborhood with glass bottles, clubs, and metal rods. The driver filed a complaint with the police and attached a photograph of the license plate of the attackers’ car. He was shocked to discover that the attackers had been detained, but the court conditionally released them the same day.

Regarding the incident, Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher stated, “This was an attempted murder that only by a miracle did not end tragically. We demand that the police detain the attackers, put them on trial, and penalize them to the full extent of the law. Terror in Jerusalem and the surrounding area has raised its head and therefore stiff penalties are necessary. The police and other law enforcement authorities must implement stringent measures to stop the wave of terror and deter terrorists.”

With Bleicher’s assistance, the attacked driver wrote a letter to the police demanding that the released attacker be detained and brought to justice. Summary of the letter:

I ask that you act thoroughly and comprehensively with regard to this incident and put the assailants on trial for racially motivated aggravated assault. I would like to know whether or not the suspect was released at the police station, and if so, why. The case must be transferred as soon as possible to the State Attorney to ensure that all of the perpetrators are indicted for racially motivated aggravated assault.

To recap the incident, approximately three weeks ago, Arabs attacked Jews driving in Jerusalem near the Beit Hanina neighborhood with glass bottles, clubs, and metal rods. The victims were driving on Abed al-Hamid Shuman Street, which connects the Ben Tzion interchange to the Pisgat Zeev neighborhood of Jerusalem. Suddenly, the Arabs’ car came close to them, and then the attackers threw glass bottles at their car. The driver of the victims’ car called the police and reported the incident.

A motorcyclist joined the attackers’ car and they drove very close to the victims’ car in a threatening manner. When they saw that they were not succeeding in their plot, the assailants stopped in the middle of the highway and blocked the lane. The Arabs got out of their car holding clubs and metal rods and shattered the victims’ mirrors and windshield wipers. The quick-witted driver succeeded in escaping the attacker, saving his life and his friends’ lives. The driver met a police car that was coming toward him, and the police directed him to file a complaint.

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