Ben Uliel’s daughter: “It’s very hard for me. Please come to the protest.”

Sunday, March 6, 2022, 8:55 On Monday, March 7, a hearing on the appeal filed by Amiram Ben Uliel, who was convicted in the Kfar Duma case, will be held at the Supreme Court of Israel. The appeal was filed in light of the false confessions extracted from Ben Uliel under “extreme duress”, a euphemism for torture, during brutal GSS interrogations and in light of the many discrepancies between the facts as presented in the conviction and the evidence found at the scene. Ben Uliel’s attorneys will demand that all of his confessions be invalidated due to the torture. The Lod District Court invalidated most of Ben Uliel’s confessions due to the torture, but admitted some of them, and on the basis of them, and only them, convicted him.

Prior to the hearing, a large protest demanding his release will be held opposite the Supreme Court building in Jerusalem at 20:00 on Sunday, March 6. Rabbis, Knesset members, and other public figures are expected to participate. Announcements for the protest read as follows: “After six years of struggle, the moment of truth has come. Before the appeal by Amiram Ben Uliel we will all come and raise the call: Stop the torture. Release Amiram!”

Ben Uliel’s daughter, Malchut, was only 11 months old when her father was suddenly taken in by the GSS for torturous interrogations, and he has been held under very severe conditions, in isolation, since then. Malchut recorded a brief video asking for supporters to participate in Sunday’s protest. The complete message is as follows:

Am Yisrael, come to the protest on Sunday! It’s very hard for me. My Abba has been in prison for many years. Please come to the protest.”

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