Six house-torchings in one year: What actually happened in Kfar Duma?

The Kfar Duma case – Unanswered questions

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Six house-torchings in one year: What actually happened in Kfar Duma?

The series of house-torchings in Kfar Duma, where the Dawabsheh clan lives, is a mystery in and of itself that should be given due consideration: Within one year at least six (6!) house-torchings were reported.

One year prior to the July 2015 torching for which Amiram Ben Uliel was convicted, the house of Nizam Dawabsheh was torched. Three weeks after the torching of the houses of Sa’ad and Riham Dawabsheh and Mamon Dawabsheh (for which Ben Uliel was convicted) the house of Manor Dawabsheh, Mamon’s brother, was torched. The police claimed that the cause was an electrical short. The residents of Duma responded that it could not have been an electrical short because the house did not have electricity. Mamon Dawabsheh said in an interview that in his opinion Nassar, Sa’ad Dawasbsheh’s brother, torched his house.

Several months later, the house of Ibrahim Dawabsheh, an eyewitness to the torching for which Ben Uliel was convicted, was torched. One room was completely burnt. The head of the Kfar Duma Council claimed that settlers were responsible for it, and in response the police quickly imposed a gag order on the incident. Nasser Dawabsheh, whom Mamon claimed had torched his house, claimed in an interview that whoever torched that house (Ibrahim Dawabsheh’s house) also torched the house of his brother, Sa’ad (the torching for which Ben Uliel was convicted).

This series of house-torchings is a mystery that should not be ignored and does raise many questions, among them:

Why was there not a serious investigation into all of the arson incidents in Kfar Duma, including whether or not there was a connection between them?

How did the police decide when to accuse Jews of arson?

Why did the police rush to declare that a certain house fire was caused by an electrical short, despite claims to the contrary by the residents?

Since the July 2015 arson attack on the Dawabsheh family’s house in Kfar Duma, Honenu has assisted many Jews accused of involvement with the crime. For a selection of posts describing Honenu Attorneys’ representation of defendants and GSS interrogatees, click here. To familiarize our readers with the case, Honenu has gathered – click here – various articles and short videos on the subject.

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