Complaint filed against inflammatory Muslim preacher

Tuesday, December 16, 2014, 10:49 On November 28, 2014, a Muslim preacher by the name “Sheikh Omar Abu Sara’a” and known as “The Al-Aqsa Preacher” gave an inflammatory sermon in the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in which he incited to murder Jews. See a video clip with MEMRI’s translation here.
Honenu attorney Hur Uriel Nizri filed a complaint with the police against Sheikh Abu Sara’a on behalf of Rabbi Yehuda Glick, who was recently the victim of an assassination attempt by a Muslim, and demanded that an investigation be opened. On Wednesday, October 29, Rabbi Glick, the executive director of the Haliba organization for Jewish freedom on the Temple Mount, was shot and very seriously injured by a Muslim assassin who claimed that R. Glick had “defiled Al-Aqsa”. Temple Mount activists were detained when they attempted to go up onto the Temple Mount in order to pray for the recovery of R. Glick, and later released after an appeal filed by Honenu was accepted by the Jerusalem Magistrate Court.
“My client was critically wounded when a terrorist assassin shot him,” wrote Nizri in the complaint filed with the chief inspector of the Merchav David (Old City District) Police in Jerusalem. “His medical condition is still not simple and he is still wheelchair-bound. However my client, who experienced such a serious injury, cannot show apathy in the face of the above mentioned incitement [the inflammatory sermon]. As someone who personally experienced the results of incitement against Jews in general and in particular concerning the subject of the Temple Mount, he knows that there is a genuine concern that incitement can quickly turn into murder.”
Among other statements in his sermon Sheikh Abu Sara’a said that, “The Jews are the most evil of Allah’s creatures. They are the most evil creatures that have ever been on earth… We live in days in which the war with the Jews is approaching… I clearly say to the Jews: The time has come to slaughter you. The time has come to wage war with you. The time has come to kill you. Inshallah, we are ready. We and the faithful Muslims, together with the Caliphate Muslim Army who will bring about the release of this land from your contamination. We await the day – the moment – in which you will be slaughtered.”
Nizri demanded that an investigation be opened into the incitement to racism and calls to murder Jews by Sheikh Abu Sara’a. And also demanded that his possible involvement with terror attacks on Jews be investigated.
“It is forbidden to allow anyone or any group to incite and to threaten Jews solely for their being Jews. Rabbi Yehuda Glick personally experienced incitement leading to attempted murder, and therefore we are calling on the Israeli Police not to allow talk of violence against Jews,” said Nizri.

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