Police request rejected, Temple Mount activists released

Friday, October 31, 2014, 15:31 On Thursday, October 30, five Temple Mount activists were detained when they attempted to go up onto the Temple Mount in order to pray for the recovery of Rabbi Yehuda Glick, the executive director of the Haliba organization for Jewish freedom on the Temple Mount, who was shot and very seriously injured in an assassination attempt by an Arab the previous day. The police demanded a restraining order banning the five Temple Mount activists from the area of the Temple Mount for 45 days.
Honenu attorney Rehavia Piltz, who represented the detainees, said during a court deliberation on Thursday, October 30 that there was no justification for banning them from the Temple Mount and that the police are attempting to calm the rioting Arabs by using an iron fist against Jews who would like to go up onto the Temple Mount.
On Friday, October 31, Jerusalem Magistrate Court Judge Elazar Nachalon rejected the police demand, accepted Piltz’s pleas, ruled that there was no cause for ordering a restraining order banning the detainees from the Temple Mount and released them. Judge Nachalon ordered that the detainees post 500 NIS bail in order to ensure that they appear for interrogation and deliberations in the event that they are required to do so.
Honenu attorney Rehavia Piltz responded to the ruling: “The attempt by the police to ban the detainees from the Temple Mount did not succeed. The court ruled that there is no justification for restricting their entrance to the Temple Mount. I hope that the police do not attempt to calm the situation by harassing Jews who wanted to protest prohibiting the entry of Jews to the Temple Mount while opening it to Muslims.”

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