Court released minors despite police opposition

Honenu Attorney Shimshilashvili; Photo credit: Honenu

Wednesday, May 15, 2024, 20:52 On Tuesday, two Jewish minors were detained near the border with the Gaza Strip while participating in an authorized march towards Gaza. The following day, at a hearing at the Ashkelon Magistrates Court, the judge refused a request by the police to extend the detainees’ remand by four days and released them to house arrest. They will remain under house arrest until the beginning of next week.

Honenu Attorney Daniel Shimshilashvili, who represented the detainees at the hearing, welcomed the decision and said, “The court rejected across the board the claims by the police that the youths’ participation in the march justifies detention. The judge adhered to previous decisions on this subject and the clear provisions of law concerning the civil rights of minors.

“I sincerely hope that the police will invest their efforts in enforcing the law against those who undermine the security of the State and its sovereignty, and not against those who demonstrate their love of Israel, whose only wish is to do good for the sake of the State. Even where there are ideological disagreements, infringements of public order should be handled in accordance with their severity, especially when we see instances where the police treat disturbances instigated by ‘the other side’ with kid gloves,” added Attorney Shimshilashvili.

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