Detainee from demonstration opposite Justice Minister Ne’eman’s residence will be brought to court this morning

Wednesday, November 16, 2011, 9:40 Yesterday (Tuesday) approximately 50 people demonstrated opposite Justice Minister Ya’akov Ne’eman’s residence in a demand to release the Jewish nationalist prisoners. During the demonstration the policemen began to clash with the demonstrators. One of the demonstrators was detained and will be brought to the Jerusalem Magistrates Court this morning.
The demonstration was organized by Honenu and among the participants were families of the nationalist prisoners, representatives of bereaved families who lost relatives at the hands of terrorists, including the parents of the Nahal soldier Elazar Shamai Leibowitz, Hy”d, who was murdered in the Har Hevron area, Tzippi Shlissel, the daughter of Rav Ra’anan, Hy’d, who was murdered in the Adamot Yishai neighborhood of Hevron and other families.

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