Detainee released by court, but DM Gantz signed administrative order

For a similar case from earlier this year, please click here: Judge shortened remand, DM Gantz extended it

Tuesday, November 8, 2022, 14:28 On Monday, November 7, a married Shomron resident was detained and interrogated regarding several demonstrations that were held in the Yehuda and Shomron regions to protest rampant Arab terror. The following day, Jerusalem Magistrates Court Judge Daniel Mordechai Dembitz rejected the request by the Yehuda and Shomron Police to detain the resident for four days and extended his remand by 24 hours only.

Judge Dembitz wrote in his decision that “it is difficult to reason that the evidence presented will be enough to justify an additional remand extension.” In response, minutes after the hearing, Defense Minister Benny Gantz signed on a four-month administrative detention order for the resident. Honenu Attorney Assaf Gonen represented the detainee at the hearing.

Honenu: “The death throes of Defense Minister Gantz’s failed term have appeared in the form of incomprehensible and insane and extreme harassment of a married father of a small baby. We hope that the currently-forming government will put an end to this insanity and immediately release the detainee. Whoever is lenient with the Arab terror that is exacting a high price in human lives but demonstrates determination and false courage toward heroes, should be ashamed.”

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