Tal Yoshvaev attacked in sukka

n related news, two youths were detained while defending Jewish residents of Shimon HaTzadik from an Arab mob. They were interrogated by the GSS for six days before meeting with an attorney and their rights were violated.

Monday, November 7, 2022, 14:05 During the last Sukkot holiday, Arab rioters shot fireworks into the sukka of Shimon HaTzadik resident Tal Yoshvaev. Yoshvaev filed a complaint, but the police closed the case. Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher wrote a letter to the police demanding that they reopen the case, make every effort to apprehend the rioters, and involve the GSS in the investigation. More details are as follows:

The Arab rioters shot fireworks from point-blank range into the sukka while Yoshvaev was sleeping in it. He woke up startled and initially thought that an explosive had been thrown at his sukka. He reported the incident to the police, extinguished the fire that had ignited in his sukka, and saved his property and his family from the fire.

Yoshvaev’s security cameras recorded the entire incident and the recordings were transferred to the police. The arrays of fireworks that were launched by the rioters were also confiscated and transferred to the police for examination by the Division of Identification and Forensic Science (DIFS). Yoshvaev filed a complaint over the attack with the police. To his surprise, he was recently informed that the police closed the case only two weeks after the complaint had been filed because suspects had not been found due to “perpetrator unknown”.

In an appeal to reopen the case, Bleicher wrote, “This was an extremely serious incident of live fire from close range at a home in which a family with small children was sleeping. It was liable to cause a serious and life-threatening blaze.” Bleicher emphasized that Yoshvaev’s house “suffers from frequent attacks, to the point that one may say that this is the most attacked family in the State of Israel today. Even though this is known to the authorities, the Israel Police have not succeeded in preventing the attacks.”

With regard to the danger posed to the Yoshvaev family, Bleicher wrote, “Under the aforementioned circumstances and due to the knowledge that an active terror cell, some of whose members are known to the security system, is responsible, it is expected that the police will seriously handle the attack, the perpetrators of which are very likely to continue attacks, and to involve the GSS and the intelligence authorities in order to locate the perpetrators.”

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