Police ordered to transfer Bisset murder case material to GSS

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Monday, November 7, 2022, 19:44 Destau Bisset, a 74-year-old Ramle resident, was run over by two Arabs riding electric bicycles in Ramle in May 2021, during Operation Guardian of the Walls, and succumbed to his injuries approximately three weeks later. Eyewitnesses to the incident stated that the cyclists intentionally collided with Bisset, attempted to run over people waiting at a bus station, and then fled the scene.

When the investigation of the incident showed little sign of progress, the Bisset family demanded that the case be transferred from the Israel Police to the GSS so that the murderers would be located and detained. Recently, with the assistance of Honenu Attorney Ariel Atari, the family petitioned the Supreme Court. On Monday, November 7, the Supreme Court, sitting as the High Court of Justice rejected the petition but ordered the police to examine the investigative material and then transfer anything relevant to the GSS that could indicate that the incident was a “terror incident”.

Moshe Shete, Bisset’s son-in-law, welcomed the decision and said in the name of the family, “The Supreme Court ordered the police to transfer all of the investigative material to the GSS so that they would be able to enter the investigation of the case. We hope very much that the police will transfer the material to the GSS so that they can thoroughly examine it and bring the despicable murderers to trial and put them behind bars.”

Honenu Attorney Ariel Atari, who is representing the family, stated, “We welcome the decision. The aim of the petition was to ensure that all of the relevant investigative material would be brought to the GSS for examination. The Supreme Court accepted our opinion and ordered the police to verify that all of the relevant material was presented to the GSS so that they could have a basis on which to determine their involvement in the investigation. The family will not rest and will not be silent until the murderers of Destau Bisset, Hy”d, are brought to trial.”

Prior to the hearing, Atari stated, “We expect the High Court of Justice to determine that the negligence shown by the police in investigating the case will not prevent the GSS from apprehending Bisset’s murderers.”

The Bisset family added, “We hope that the Supreme Court will agree to our request and order the GSS to get to the heart of the matter and investigate the case so that the contemptible murderers will be apprehended.”


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