Detainee “violated” house arrest while testifying in court

Tuesday, November 15, 2016, 12:42 A Jewish youth currently under an administrative distancing order and under house arrest at night was detained on the morning of Tuesday, November 15 on suspicion of violating his house arrest conditions the previous evening. The policemen who had arrived at his home to verify compliance with the conditions did not find him, because at the time he was giving testimony at the Natzrat District Court.
After the deliberation the youth traveled directly home and arrived in the late evening, at which time the police returned and found him. The youth’s explanation that he had been at the Natzrat District Court giving testimony when the police had come earlier was to no avail. He was subsequently detained and informed that he would be brought to a court deliberation.
During the November 14 deliberation the youth and the Honenu Attorneys representing him explained to the judge that the youth is under house arrest at night, starting approximately one hour after sunset. Therefore the judge mentioned in the court minutes the time at which the youth finished giving testimony in order to constitute proof that he was in court at the time of his house arrest.
Honenu Attorney Adi Kedar, who was present at the deliberation at which the youth gave testimony, filed an urgent appeal on the decision to detain the youth and demanded his immediate release.
Kedar: “This is a scandalous false detention. The suspect was giving testimony before a district court judge and representatives of the Attorney General’s office and stated that the hour was getting late. Despite the fact that the court and the Attorney General’s office were informed of the situation the police carried out, with the backing of the ISA, a baseless detention. I am completely certain that soon the court will make a decision on the matter.”

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