Court to rule on delayed administrative order

Sunday, November 20, 2016, 19:09 The Ofer Military Court will rule on Monday, November 21 on an appeal filed by Honenu Attorney Menasheh Yado on an administrative order received by Yosef Freisman, a Shomron resident in his 20’s, during the week of Sunday, November 13. The order distances him from Yehuda and Shomron for three months. Yado demanded that the court rule to cancel the order due to a 19-day delay in serving Freisman with the order; the court will address the issue of the delay.
The President of the Military Court of Appeals, Judge Col. Netanel Benisho, has leveled criticism at similar conduct by the IDF and the Central Command, and demanded that such conduct not be repeated due to the violation of the rights of the individuals served with administrative orders.
“The delay raises a basic question,” wrote Yado in the appeal. “If the probability of violating the public peace is almost certain, then why did the complainant (the IDF) create a 19-day gap in the continuity of the order!? And on the other hand, if there is no such certainty, then why was the order given to the petitioner!?”
At 9:30 on Monday, November 21, a deliberation will take place on the request by Yado which demands a delay in carrying out the order until an in-depth deliberation is held on the claims and the complete cancellation of the order.
When the order was served to Freisman, the police detective grabbed his cell phone and informed him that he was being detained because he did not agree to stop filming the policemen. Freisman told Honenu that a police detective choked him in the police car before he was taken to the Moriah Police Station where an ISA agent threateningly told him to completely separate himself from his friends.
Freisman has been served previously (see here) with similar orders, the most recent of which expired in late October 2016. Several days after the expiration of the order Freisman received a notice from the Central Command according to which the GOC of the Central Command, Major General Roni Numa, intends to issue him an additional distancing order.
Unlike in the past, when orders were issued to individuals suspected of direct involvement with violent acts, the current notice states that the reason for issuing the order is that, “[the recipient] is known as someone who instigates protest activities and acts of provocation opposite the residences of public figures,” and also “attempts to instigate others to carry out violent acts.”

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