Detainees’ father concerned by possible torture

Tuesday, April 12, 2016, 13:01 At 14:30 on Tuesday, April 12, the Central District Court in Lod will rule on the appeals filed by the Honenu Attorneys representing the five ISA detainees prohibited from speaking with an attorney. First the court will rule on the order prohibiting the detainees from meeting with an attorney, then the court will rule on the appeal on the remand extensions of the detainees.
The father of some of the detainees expressed his concern for their well-being: “My children are in the ISA dungeons, without being able to meet with an attorney and without us knowing what their status is. As the father of five sons who have served in the army, in combat units, some of them officers, it is difficult [to accept] that the State treats you like a citizen without rights. We are very concerned that unreasonable and illegal pressures are being used during the interrogations. We heard about detainees who were recently tortured and we have no rest.”
On Monday, April 11 the gag order was lifted only to publicize that five Jews, of them two minors and one soldier, were detained for interrogation. All five are prohibited from meeting with an attorney. The gag order prevents publication of all other details.
Honenu Attorneys Chai Haber, Aharon Roza and Adi Kedar are representing the detainees.
Honenu Attorney Chai Haber, who is representing the soldier and one of the minors, said that, “This investigation deals with events of the past which some of the detainees have already been interrogated about and have been released. We cannot ignore the feeling that we are at the start of a repeat of the ISA and police conduct during the detentions in the [Kfar] Duma case.”
Haber added, “Very regretfully once again suspects are being detained in the State of Israel without being given the right to meet with an attorney, once again exaggerated and unreasonable demands for remand are being filed, and once again suspects are being deprived of their basic rights. We intend to use all legal means possible to ensure that a fair investigation is carried out according to law.
“It cannot be that an IDF soldier is treated like a criminal. This conduct is reminiscent of that towards the soldier in Hevron. These are the finest among us, who give of themselves for the security of the State. They should be granted decent treatment. We do not object to the investigation. However there is a proper way to do it: within the framework of the law.”

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