10 days under ISA interrogation without meeting with attorney

Photo: Protest opposite courthouse 11/4/2016; Photo credit “Yehudi Lo Ma'aneh Yehudi”

Photo: Protest opposite courthouse 11/4/2016;
Photo credit “Yehudi Lo Ma’aneh Yehudi”

Thursday, April 14, 2016, 10:56 Five detainees, three of whom were detained on April 4, under interrogation by the ISA have not yet met with an attorney. Two of the detainees have been in remand for four days. There is a gag order on the case prohibiting publication of details.
Honenu Attorneys Chai Haber, Aharon Roza and Adi Kedar are representing the detainees.
On Thursday, April 14 deliberations will take place on the case of some of the detainees. In the afternoon a deliberation is expected to take place at the Petah Tikva Magistrate Court on the remand of one of the adults. The police are expected to demand a remand extension. Central District Court Judge Avraham Tal reduced the duration of the order prohibiting the detainee, who has been in remand for 10 days, from meeting with a attorney and he is expected to meet with Honenu Attorney Aharon Roza before the deliberation.
At the Yafo Military Court, at 12:30, a deliberation is expected to take place on the appeal filed on the order prohibiting the the soldier in the case from meeting with an attorney. Honenu Attorney Chai Haber, who is representing the soldier, will demand that the order be canceled.
At 14:30 the Supreme Court of Israel will rule on an appeal of the Central District Court in Lod’s decision not to cancel the order prohibiting the other four detainees from meeting with an attorney.
The families and friends of the five detainees raised a genuine concern for their well-being in light of the extreme means and torture used on other ISA detainees in recent cases. Demonstrations were held in several locations, among them opposite the residence of Yoram Cohen, the head of the ISA, in Jerusalem on April 6, opposite the residence of Deputy Attorney General Raz Nizri in Givat Shmuel on the night of Saturday, April 9, after Shabbat, and opposite courthouses during deliberations.

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