Is this another case of ISA torture?

Tuesday, April 5, 2016, 16:19 On the night of Monday, April 4, three Jewish men were detained by policemen from the Unit of Nationalist Crime in the Central Unit of the Yehuda and Shomron Police and ISA forces. They were taken for interrogation to an ISA facility and have not been allowed to meet with an attorney.
On the afternoon of Tuesday, April 5, the three detainees were taken to a deliberation at the Rishon L’Tzion Magistrate Court. The police demanded a 10-day remand extension. However Judge Avraham Hyman extended their remand by only six days.
Honenu Attorney Aharon Roza, who is representing the three detainees, said that, “There is a gag order on the details of the investigation, therefore I am prohibited from speaking about the details,” and added that, “There is an order preventing me from meeting with the three detainees. I am of the opinion that the type of violations [of which they are suspected] does not necessitate the order. I oppose the frequent use of such an order. The accusations are not new and they do not include violent crimes. We are on our way to an appeal at which we will demand that the court order the investigating authorities to allow us to meet with the detainees.”
Several months ago a number of Jewish youths were detained and served with orders prohibiting them from meeting with an attorney. Also a gag order was placed on publicizing details of the investigation. After the youths were interrogated in ISA facilities, without meeting with an attorney, it was revealed that during their interrogations, unusual means including torture, were used on them. Some of the youths were released after it turned out that they had no connection to the incident for which they were interrogated. See also Administrative detainee to be released, not involved with incident attributed to him and Two Kfar Duma case detainees to be released.

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