District court judge criticizes police conduct concerning Yitzhar residents

Monday, May 5, 17:38 During the deliberation on the appeal filed by attorney Ben-Gvir on behalf of Honenu on the continued remand of one of the Yitzhar detainees whose car is suspected of being involved with the recent “Price Tag” incident in Umm al-Fahm, Jerusalem District Court Judge Moshe Yo’ed HaCohen, in light of the statements made by police interrogator Shmuel Jerbi, expressed criticism on the police for generalizing and labeling all Yitzhar residents “lawbreakers”.

My stance is that one may not label any population group by its geographical location or by its nationality,” wrote Judge HaCohen in his decision.

The conduct of the police reminds me of darker days and takes us back to the time of Gush Katif, when every youth, male or female, was detained only for being a right wing activist or a settler,” said attorney Ben-Gvir. “The court sent a clear and important message today to the police that they must understand that the fact that my client is a Yitzhar resident cannot constitute cause for his detention.”

On the rejection of the appeal Ben-Gvir said that in his estimation the strength of the suspicion against his client is weakening and that he hopes that already in the next deliberation his client will be released. “In the next deliberation the police must show progress in their investigation, and to the best of our understanding not only is the investigation not progressing, but rather deteriorating. Also the police know that my client is not involved with the incident in Umm al-Fahm.”

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