Disturbances and arrests in Bat Yam

Sunday, April 29, 19:23 Three yeshiva students were arrested in disturbances which broke out between policemen and members of the “garin torani” (a group of religious-Zionist families living in a city with the intent of strengthening the Jewish community) of Bat Yam, Honenu reports.
The disturbances broke out after policemen arrived at the home of one of the yeshiva’s rabbis in order to arrest him for not appearing at a court deliberation concerning illegal entry into the destroyed community of Homesh in the Shomron two years ago.
The policemen knocked on the family’s door demanding to arrest the rabbi and were told by his wife that he was not at home. According to her, she was afraid to open the door for the policemen because she was alone with the children. The policemen, who insisted on verifying that the rabbi was really not at home, broke the door and entered the apartment.
In the meantime, members of the “garin torani” arrived in order to protest the conduct of the police. Within a short time, a clash broke out between the police and the members of the “garin torani.” Currently, three arrests have been made, apparently on suspicion of assaulting a policemen. A Honenu attorney is handling the case.

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