Yesterday’s Bat Yam arrestees released

Monday, April 30, 8:06 The three yeshiva students arrested yesterday during disturbances in Bat Yam have been released, Honenu reports.
The students were arrested yesterday during disturbances which occurred when policemen broke into the home of one of the rabbis of the yeshiva in Bat Yam, who is also known as a right-wing activist. The policemen arrived at the rabbi’s home in order to arrest him on grounds of failing to appear at a court deliberation regarding illegal entry to Homesh two years ago. When the rabbi’s wife did not open the door for the policemen, because the rabbi was not at home, they broke down the door.
Members of the local garin torani gathered at the scene in order to protest the conduct of the police. Disturbances broke out during which the policemen conducted themselves violently, hitting and spraying pepper gas at the protesters. Some of the policemen drew their pistols and watched throughout the incident. Three yeshiva students, members of the garin torani, were arrested and taken to the police station.
After staying several hours at the police station the three arrestees were unconditionally released from police custody.
Honenu also reports this morning that Honenu’s attorneys intend to file a request to cancel the writ of habeas-corpus against the rabbi, who claims that he did not receive a court summons and if he had, he would have appeared as required.

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