Girl harassed, father arrested

Monday, April 30, 21:25 The girl was assaulted by an Arab, and her father was arrested, Honenu reports.
A 15 year old Jewish girl from a religious family residing in the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem went out today (Monday) in the afternoon with her younger brothers to the “Gan HaShalom” (lit. “Garden of Peace”) playground in French Hill. A group of Arab youths at the playground began to annoy the girl, speaking in obscene language and trying to touch her.
The girl fled and called out to her father who hurried over to her as he called the police. When the police arrived the Arab youths hid in playground. The policemen approached them and began to ask them if they had been injured by the girl’s father. After they found a mark on the body of one of the youths which seemed to be from an injury, the policemen arrested the father on suspicion of assaulting the Arab, who had harassed the girl. Two other Arabs were released on the scene by the police. When the father asked if the Arab had complained about an assault, the policemen replied that there was no need, being as they had seen for themselves the mark of an injury.
Residents of the neighborhood who were at the site complained to the policemen that every single day incidents of this sort repeatedly occur in the playground and that the phenomenon must be stopped.
In the end the girl, her father and the Arab youth were taken to the police station. A Honenu attorney briefed the father concerning his interrogation.

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