DM signs administrative order minutes before hearing

Honenu Attorney Nati Rom; Photo credit: Honenu

Monday, July 10, 2023, 15:23 Only minutes before a Jerusalem Magistrates Court hearing on the case of a 21-year-old resident of Bruchin was scheduled to begin, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant signed an order placing the resident under four months of administrative detention. Personnel from the Yehuda and Shomron Police informed Honenu Attorney Nati Rom, who was waiting in court for the hearing to start, that the criminal proceeding was unnecessary.

Honenu Attorney Nati Rom, who is representing the resident, stated, “Yesterday afternoon, the police detained the Bruchin resident under the authority of a judicial order according to which there was a reasonable suspicion that he had violated the law. Inexplicably, the police repeatedly asked to postpone the hearing. At 15:00, after a lengthy wait in court, it turned out that this was another idiotic attempt by the police to corrupt the criminal proceedings under the pretense of there being a reasonable suspicion of a crime having been committed. In fact, the purpose of the delay was to allow time for the Defense Minister to sign an administrative order. This is unacceptable. The Defense Minister has become a rubber stamp for administrative orders served to Yehuda and Shomron residents whose ‘crime’ is love of the Land and State of Israel. Following standard criminal investigation procedure has become optional, but only where Yehuda and Shomron residents are concerned.”

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