Duma case: New video demonstrates GSS torture method

Since the July 2015 arson attack on the Dawabshe family’s house in Kfar Duma, Honenu has assisted many Jews accused of involvement with the crime. For a selection of posts describing Honenu Attorneys’ representation of defendants and GSS interrogatees, click here. To familiarize our readers with the case, Honenu has gathered – click here – various articles and short videos on the subject.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022, 13:55 On March 7, the Supreme Court of Israel is scheduled to hold a hearing on the appeal filed by Amiram Ben Uliel on his conviction in the Kfar Duma case. While under interrogation, Ben Uliel was severely tortured by the “special means” used by his GSS interrogators, and a false confession was extracted from him. In a new video (see below) produced during the days leading up to the hearing, Ben Uliel’s supporters describe the torture methods as a “recipe” for extracting false confessions, and demonstrate the steps.

“What does it take to cause anyone to admit to anything, and what is the ‘recipe’ for a predetermined confession? It’s very simple and has only a few ‘ingredients’: 1. zip ties, 2. a chair, 3. patience. Take the defendant and seat him on the chair. Bind his feet to the chair and bind his hands behind his back. Bend him backwards so that he can’t get up.

“If you encounter a particularly strong defendant who refuses to break down, repeat the procedure several times, and you will certainly receive the desired results. This recipe was successfully used in the Duma case and in other cases. It doesn’t take much for someone to break under torture and say whatever the interrogator wants him to say.”

The video concludes with a suggestion for the viewers: “Try the GSS challenge at home and see how long you hold out.”

GSS challenge: Recipe for confession – Torture leads to lies; Video credit: Shadow of a Doubt: Duma, see also on YouTube.

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