Elad Sela to be released home

Thursday, May 17, 2018, 15:45 The Yaffo Military Court ruled that Bat Ayin resident Elad Sela will be released early from prison due to good behavior.
NCO, non-commissioned officer, Elad Sela who served in an intelligence position in the Etzion Brigade was convicted of divulging military information after warning his friends from the community of Bat Ayin about police activity against residents of the community. Sela was sentenced to 45 months imprisonment, which he is expected to complete in several month’s time.
During one of his GSS interrogations Sela was evacuated to hospital for an urgent operation due to a medical problem. After the operation, despite his medical condition, he was returned to the GSS interrogations, which raised a public outcry. Also, unlike the other prisoners, during his entire incarceration the GSS refused to allow Sela furloughs to visit his home.
Honenu Attorney Adi Kedar, who represented Sela, stated that, “The court ordered the release of Elad Sela from his prison sentence. We are pleased with the decision by the court and with the efforts the court made after the GSS agents were summoned. After our struggle and with the cooperation of the court it was proven that the decisive opposition to his release was unreasonable and erroneous.
“Although we are pleased with the release, we reason that it is too little and too late. The message that should come out of this case is that the GSS should not be involved with prison release proceedings. Time after time their interference with conditional release proceedings constitutes interference with penalization, which is inappropriate, certainly in Sela’s case. I hope that whoever needs to understand, will understand and internalize this message.”
Kedar added that, “We presented the court with the Anat Kam case and that of a soldier who transferred information to the enemy and were convicted of more serious crimes and yet released at earlier stages. In the end Sela was also released. We hope that we will not encounter opposition such at this in the future.”
See here for a statement from Kedar about the problematic indictment of Sela.

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