Soldier released from hospital to GSS facility

Wednesday, April 1, 2015, 15:40 ‎The soldier who was interrogated by the GSS for seven days and rushed to Bellinson Hospital on March 30 for an emergency operation was released from hospital on Wednesday, April 1. His family is worried that the GSS is interfering with his medical treatment.
IDF soldier Elad Sela, who was interrogated by the GSS on suspicion of leaking classified military information, has been hospitalized for the past few days in Bellinson Hospital due to the need for an emergency operation. He has been released from hospital and returned for further interrogation to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the IDF and the GSS.
Sela, a married IDF soldier, father of two children, one a recently born son, and a resident of the Etzion Bloc was detained on March 10 on suspicion of leaking to residents of the area classified military information. (For more information see here and here.) An order banning him from meeting with his attorney, Honenu attorney Adi Kedar, was issued approximately one week ago, prior to the seven days during which he was interrogated under harsh conditions by the GSS.
The soldier has been hospitalized for the past few days in the surgical department of Bellinson Hospital. A doctor with the prison services examined him in the GSS facility and sent him for urgent testing at the hospital, following a medical problem which arose during his interrogation by the GSS. The hospital staff decided that an emergency operation was necessary. Neither the GSS nor the IDF informed the soldier’s family prior to the operation and the soldier was not permitted to be accompanied by someone of his choosing. The family was informed on the morning after the operation.
Family members who were permitted to visit the soldier after his operation say that his medical condition is not good. He is weak and unable to get out of bed. His family is concerned that he was prematurely released due to pressure from the GSS upon the medical staff to release him so that his interrogation could continue.
Due to the concern that the GSS is interfering with the soldier’s medical treatment Honenu attorney Adi Kedar sent an urgent letter to the interrogating authorities and to Bellinson Hospital. “Inappropriate pressure by the GSS on the staff of the hospital could lead to further deterioration of [the soldier’s] condition.” wrote Kedar in his letter, and added that, “We regard all of the recipients of this letter as responsible for the wellbeing and recovery of [the soldier].”
At 16:00 on Wednesday, April 1 the ban on meeting with his attorney will be lifted. On Tuesday, March 31 the Jerusalem District Court accepted the appeal filed by Honenu attorney Avichai Hajbi and ordered the GSS to allow the soldier to meet with an attorney beginning on the following day.

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