Soldier accused of leaking information indicted

Monday, April 13, 2015, 12:11 On the afternoon of Monday, April 13 the Jaffa Military Court will issue an indictment to Elad Sela, a 25 year old resident of the community of Bat Ayin in the Etzion Bloc and the father of two children. Sela serves as a non-commissioned officer in an intelligence position in the Etzion Territorial Brigade and is suspected of leaking classified military information to residents of the area, specifically information concerning actions of the IDF and the police against residents of the area. Sela is also suspected of searching for additional information relating to actions of the GSS, the police, and the IDF against Jewish residents of Yehuda and Shomron. (For more information see here and here.)
Sela was detained on March 10 and has been in remand ever since, almost 40 days. Special authorization from the Military Advocate General is required for a remand of this length. The standard length of remand for investigatory purposes is 30 days according to the law.
While in remand, after he was interrogated by the police and the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the IDF, Sela was transferred to the GSS for harsh interrogation, during which time he was not permitted to meet with his attorney, Honenu attorney Adi Kedar.
After seven days of GSS interrogations Sela felt unwell and after being examined by a doctor was rushed to Bellinson Hospital where he underwent an emergency operation. Sela was hospitalized for several days and then returned to the GSS facility for further interrogation.  Sela’s family and attorney are furious the neither the GSS nor the other investigatory authorities informed the soldier’s family prior to the operation. The soldier was also not permitted to be accompanied by someone of his choosing. Sela’s family was informed only the morning after the operation that he had been hospitalized.
Honenu: “The treatment by the army and the other investigatory authorities of a soldier has been humiliating. Anat Kam, who committed serious crimes and leaked thousands of confidential documents, which harmed IDF operations, was treated with silk gloves and was immediately released to house arrest. However when a religious soldier is suspected of assisting Jewish settlers his treatment is reminiscent of the conduct of dark regimes.”

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